Balancing Male/Female Energies Activation Energizer

Balancing Male/Female Energies Activation Energizer


Frequency Infused Balancing Male/Female Energies Activation Energizer 


This Energizer is a unique design and comes Activated with its own unique sequence.  It is laminated, a bit short of a 5x7.  It is created as a supportive tool for meditation and as a healing tool.


Through this Frequency infused Activation Energizer, we are harmonizing the male and female energies and their characteristics to be more of ourselves and be more in balance to do and be what we want to do and be.. 

If we are too much in our male energies, we can be more abrupt, not in touch with our feelings and try to control more while being too much in our female energies, we may not be in action mode or not own our own power.. it is important to balance those two energies as to merge all the qualitites each energy has to offer us in order to be our best self.


To feel the activation, place your hand just above the energizer, close your eyes and see where the energy goes... 



Great to tool to use for balancing our male and female energies through their characteristics..


You can also place it under your feet and sense the energy.  


It can also be placed under a pillow, on a night stand in proximity of the person in need of balancing these energies


Use your intuition as well on how to best incorporate it into your own visualization process. 


Sacred geometry is the divine order found within the natural world and is used to awaken higher energies to align to one's Soul and to raise one's consciousness while having this human experience.