Empowered Therapeutic Blend

Empowered Therapeutic Blend



This specific blend is a Vibrational Intelligence™ blend formulated to support one with creating a sense of empowerment through your intuitive system. By balancing the endocrine system and reducing stress levels, it can support one with creativity, overall mood and feeling uplifted.  When we feel good, we align to a more positive outlook which then allows us to do and receive more.  


In addition, this blend is in alignement with the I AM Empowered card from the I AM Oracle Deck. 


Through Vibrational Intelligence™, we enhance the existing vibrational properties nature has already provided us with through each selected oil and gemstone.


Rose Otto Hydrosol, Frankincense*, Yuzu*, Neroli*

*Certified Organic

Natural Gemstones:
Moonstone, Jasper, Green Aventurine, Bloodstone


This is a Roll On 10 ml glass bottle for ease of application.


Application:   While applying, state " I AM EMPOWERED"  and take a few relaxing breaths. 

Gently rotate bottle to mix


More information on Vibrational Intelligence™, please click < here >


**Due to the different levels of consciousness where one is at, results may vary when using any product. Selectin and setting an intention is important while applying.  For more info on how to select a blend <click here>


*** Please see disclaimer at the bottom of web pages when using oils. Scientists have shown us that the body has the ability to heal itself and we are providing a tool for the body to restore itself to a state of well-being. Due to regulations, we cannot affirm that this product will, but each blend will assist the body in its own healing process.


Product is not refundable due to possible cross contamination.