Grounding & Harmonizing Activation Energizer

Grounding & Harmonizing Activation Energizer


Frequency Infused Grounding & Harmonizing Activation Energizer with Earth and Soul Star (9 Chakra system)


This Energizer is a unique design and comes Activated with its own unique sequence.  It is laminated, a bit short of a 5x7.  It is created as a supportive tool for meditation and as a healing tool.


Through this Frequency infused Activation Energizer, we are harmonizing our 9 Chakra System and connecting to the Cosmic and to Mother Earth:


Root (1st chakra)

Sacral (2nd chakra)

Solar Plexus (3rd chakra)

Heart (4th chakra)
Throat (5th chakra)
Third Eye (6th chakra)

Crown (7th chakra)

Soul Star (8th chakra)

Earth Star (9th chakra)


To feel the activation, place your hand just above the energizer, close your eyes and see where the energy goes... 



Great to tool to use for grounding yourself. As the energies are pretty high, it is always good to ground ourselves. 


You can also place it under your feet and sense the energy.  


It can also be placed under a pillow, on a night stand in proximity of the person in need of grounding.


Use your intuition as well on how to best incorporate it into your own visualization process. 


Sacred geometry is the divine order found within the natural world and is used to awaken higher energies to align to one's Soul and to raise one's consciousness while having this human experience.