Oils, Crystals & Gemstone Vibrational Amplifier

Oils, Crystals & Gemstone Vibrational Amplifier


Frequency Infused Vibrational Amplifier for Oils, Crystals & Gemstones


This Energizer is a unique design and comes Activated with its own unique sequence.  It comes laminated and its purpose is to be used as an amplifiers for oils, crystals and gemstones or any other objects you want to raise the vibration to.  Placing your bottles of essential oils on this amplifier is to continuously amplify the vibrations of the existing properties of aromatherapy and of the gemstones being used.  


Through this Frequency infused Vibrational Amplifier, we keep on raising vibration of other products already existing natural vibrational properties. It's constantly stirring higher and higher vibrations. 



Great to tool to use to raise the vibrations of oils, crystals, gemstones, water....whatever you are inspired to place on it. 


Use your intuition as well on how to best incorporate it into your own visualization process. 


Sacred geometry is the divine order found within the natural world and is used to awaken higher energies to align to one's Soul and to raise one's consciousness while having this human experience.