Transitioning F2M Therapeutic Blend

Transitioning F2M Therapeutic Blend


Transitioning F2M


It takes great courage, strength and resilience for you to step into who you know yourself to be; to become your authentic self. 

This blend is formulated not only to support you emotionally in transitioning from a female to a male body but to help you be more in alignment energetically of the energy you are stepping into (male energy.) You changing your body physically, this specifically formulated blend will bring you more in alignment to be feel more whole. Your essence, energy and physical bodies are to merge as one so as to live as your authentic self. 

While the ingredients may be the same for transitioning from male to female and female to male, the ratio of ingredients and the selected stones differ from blend to blend and each has its own unique activation specific to meeting the intention of the blend. Location for application of Transitioning F2M also differs from M2F.


Through Vibrational Intelligence™, we enhance the existing vibrational properties nature has already provided us with through each selected oil and gemstone. 


Ingredients: Rosewood, Lavendula vera*, Ylang-Ylang*

* Certified Organic


Natural Gemstones: Labradorite, Rhodochrosite, Tiger Eye


Apply to the Sacral (2 inches below navel) or pubic bone once a day.



**Due to the different levels of consciousness where one is at, results may vary when using this blend.

*** Please see disclaimer at the bottom of web pages when using oils. Scientists have shown us that the body has the ability to heal itself and we are providing a tool for the body to restore itself to a state of well-being. Due to regulations, we cannot affirm that this product will, but each blend will assist the body in its own healing process.