While you may be tempted to order each oil for each has its own beneficial properties, we would like to guide you into selecting the oil(s) that will be most beneficial to you at the time of your visit of this site and your consideration of purchase.

It is important for you to tune in to your body as your body will know best and we would like to guide you through the selecting process.

Please get a piece of paper and write all the names of the oils offered on this site (or only the ones you are considering purchasing). If you have a pendulum, you can always use this tool to receive the answer you are seeking.

If you don't own a pendulum, please follow these few steps:

Sit quietly and comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and place your right hand over your heart chakra (the middle of your chest) and then place your left hand over your right hand. Return your breathing to your body's natural rhythm and start to tune in to your body. 

Now visualize the green color as a representation of the word YES and visualize the red color as a representation of the word NO.  Ask a few questions that you already know are true facts to get a sense of the yes and no.  Once you are comfortable with the answers you are getting, you can go through each of the names of the oils and ask if this (name of blend) is the most beneficial for my body or for whom you are purchasing the oil for.  You will get your answer.   

Your body does not lie so trust yourself with the answers you are given.

Do check often as your body shifts and evolves and so will your needs...


Another tool to amplify the vibrations of the oils you are to use is to set your own intention before you apply them. 

The use of a MANTRA (affirmation) is a great way to set your intention.

Here are some examples, but we encourage you to create your own personalized mantra

 so that you really resonate with its frequency.


I AM Healthy Beyond Measures

My Body is Restoring to its Purest Health

My Body is Creating an Environment Where My Healthy Cells Are Thriving

I Am Nourishing My Body and It's Easy for Me to Make Healthy Choices

All is Well

I Am Grateful to My Body for The Way it Is Supporting Me and For Restoring itself to a State of Well-Being & Harmony

My Body Has the Ability to Heal itself

I Have Faith that Miracles Do Happen


I AM that I AM


You may like to visit our Sister Site if you are in need of extra support. We offer Energy Healing & Coaching services as well as Spiritual Guidance for your optimal health & well-being

Thank you, We are Grateful for You!