Testimonials & Impressions



Customized Blend For Commercial Purposes

"I collaborated with Carole to create a unique blend for my brand, Heart's Joy®.  Carole's creation, Joyful Mist, fulfilled my intention.  Heart's Joy Joyful Mist is uplifting, energizing, fragrant, feminine and light.  

Carole is a master alchemist.  She not only considers the healing and therapeutic properties of each essential oil but also works diligently to insure the synergism of the blended composition.

I personally use Heart's Joy® Joyful Mist regularly and have received an overwhelming positive response from everyone who has received it.   Working with Carole has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to future collaborations"

Jan Hice-Smith, Owner and CEO, Heart's Joy Consulting, LLC


                                                               Customized Blend For Individual Needs

"My GemAroma™ session with Carole also produced successful outcomes. The essential oil blend she customized for my son's bedtime routine has done wonders. Well, you'd need to know how hard it is to get a teenager to disconnect from his game console and go to sleep, to value Carole's vibrational intelligence approach to aromatherapy...She is helping my teen get the sleep he needs to keep the As coming!

She also created a blend for me to balance my masculine need to be in charge, in control, and a good provider, with a feminine emotional and intuitive side that I stowed away to focus on being productive. In ways I can't describe, I am progressing in my ability to relinquish control and opened up to new possibilities and a new future. Carole is opening doors of change and I am making my way through."

Sylvie P. Alexandria


                                                                    First Impression on the ENERGIZERS

"Have you ever heard about Energizers? Have you ever seen one? I am sure there will be many who would answer YES to both questions. I, however, am the one who heard about these miracles and saw them for the first time at one of the recent Carole’s meetings.

Carole is a woman of many talents as many of us were so lucky to witness and experience. Creating energizers appears to be one of her new passions. She creates these images that seem like coming from her own heart and convey her own feelings. Though your feelings may be different, you will be pleasantly surprised by new experiences when you look at these wonders.

Maybe not all of them will “talk” to you but there are definitely some that will make you want to continue looking at them and experiencing such wonderful deep feelings of peace, tranquility, and lightness. And on the contrary, some will suddenly agitate you as you look at them and feel the strong energy flowing through every cell of your body. So, I invite you to set everything aside for a minute, look at the Energizers that Carole published on her website and see if you find one (or several) with which you connect. From my own experience, I can tell you that it is amazing."

Natalie V.  Springfield, VA


                                                                          GemAroma™ Blend Honoring

"I approached Carole due to my desire to find a product that could help me with weight loss. She suggested the GemAroma™ blend of essential oils called Honoring to help with my cravings. In just two weeks, I have noticed a difference. I have no cravings for sweets at all and the smell is so pleasant that a small sniff instantly promotes relaxation. The smell itself is surprisingly helpful for stress and anxiety. I cannot say enough good things about this product!"

Marie McC. Los Angeles, CA

"My acupuncturist has asked me to stop eating at 3 pm until breakfast the next day for 21 days and your oil has been helping me achieve this goal as I haven't felt hungry and it's easier to eat well. Your creation was really in perfect timing to meet my needs. Thank you!"

Isabel M. Springfield, VA